What is Maid agency?

Maid agency is the recruitment agency that acted between prospect employers and employees. This  agencies  in Malaysia need to have valid business operation license issued by Home Ministry and authorization permits from maid source countries.

Maid Agency near me such as QTalent also involve the tedious documentation process from both maid source country and local. Agencies in Malaysia need to deal with Immigration department, source country Embassy mainly Indonesia and Philippines and few other government agencies / employee associations at their respective countries.

Sourcing reliable, good looking, trained and hardworking maids is another biggest task Maid Agency Malaysia need to perform.

Running a Agency specialising in Maid recruitment in Malaysia looks lucrative but it come with heavy responsibilities too, such as providing immediate replacement in the case of maid runaway within agreed period.

maid agency malaysia

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Imagine, queuing up for token number during midnight and be at the Embassy gate 3-4 hours before they officially open for business.

Malaysian Agencies  in particular their director need to be at Immigration gate to clear official documentation and take full responsibility until they hand over the employee to future employer.

The recruiting process also include getting the prospect maids get Foreign Workers’ Medical Examination clearance conducted by FOMEMA Sdn Bhd, the concession company appointed by the Government of Malaysia to manage, monitor and supervise a mandatory comprehensive health and medical screening programme for all foreign workers employed in the country.

Believe it or not Agencies in Malaysia had assisted some 500,000 employers, Government of Malaysia, Fomema Sdn Bhd, source country agencies and more importantly the livelihood of hard core poor to earn decent income.

Let us work with maid agency near me such as QTalent as the most preferred and safest work destination for our fellow mankind.  Help us and other agencies to stop cruelty and inhumane act.